The creation of a guitar

I want to share with you one of the things I love about working with wood and creating one of kind pieces of art;

You can take the same type of wood, cut and shaped the same way, use the same dyes to color it and the same type of oils to finish it and you never know what you’re actually going to end up with. With each step there is an evolution, it begins to come alive.

Each piece is unique. Each piece has it’s own characteristics and each piece has it’s own beauty. Each coat of color begins to transform it and it brings out the hidden and unique characteristic of the wood just a little more, one step at a time. As you begin to apply the finish oils each coat reveals some little secret that the wood has been holding back. It inspires you and motivates you creating a level of anticipation and you become anxious for its final reveal.

The more you love it and caress it the more it reveals. It’s the same for the player when the evolution is complete and that piece of wood, that inanimate object comes alive and a guitar is born. In your hands you create a whole new life for her. The more you love her and caress her the more you play her the more she reveals in her unique tonality and playability. She becomes yours. There is no other like her.