Meet Your Luthiers

DNA Guitar Company is a company founded on the concept of answering one basic question. “What unlocks a players ability to transcend limits of artistic expression and tap into the zone?” We believe the answer can be found in YOUR DNA!

DNA Guitar Company is an American guitar builder with a commitment to excellence and integrity which is manifested in its handcrafted instruments.  Attention to detail is an absolute must.  Uncompromising feel is essential to tapping into what turns a piece of wood into a voice, YOUR voice!  And the ability to release that “voice” unconditionally can be found in these very special instruments!

Like you, no two of us are built exactly alike. Even twins have subtle differences that differentiate them from each other. So, it is with DNA Guitars and Basses. Although we use the same old-world quality craftsmanship coupled with twenty first century technology to achieve the same incredible construction with the tight neck / bridge pocket tolerances and the unmatched proprietary patented bridge fastening system. Still, no two are exactly alike. Each and every guitar and bass has its own voice and feel as they are individually handcrafted. We understand that players want to adopt a great guitar, that has first adopted them.  Thus, we offer adoption papers with each guitar and allow you to change their names to one of your liking (after all, it’ll be your baby).

David Johnston

Founder and President of DNA Guitar Company

I picked up my first guitar in 1966 and began playing professionally in the mid 70’s while serving in the military. Before I knew it I was repairing and modifying not only my own guitars but instruments for band-mates and many local musicians. In search of a superior instrument I built my first guitar in 2012 which included designing and developing the patent pending 5 point contact bridge fastening system. Realizing I had something special in the guitars I was building I founded the DNA Guitar Company.

Ron Stone

Co-owner and Vice President of DNA Guitar Company

I have been in the music industry for 50 years as a performing / studio bassist & concert promoter. I started repairing & customizing basses in 1969 & built my first bass in 1982.

In 2004 I designed, created & ‘hand’ built the prototype for our current super light weight 7lb thunder stick called the DNA Accelerator Bass.  In 2014 I was asked to join the DNA Guitar Company as their bass builder.

Kevin Cain

Artist Relations

40 years experience as a recording engineer, producer, touring & session bassist.  Began playing bass with legendary bluesman, John Heartsman & at age 13 I toured Europe with John and his band.

As a producer, engineer & first call bassist I worked on many projects with Papa Roach, “Will I Am” & the “Black Eyed Peas”, Jimmy Smith (Organist), John Heartsman, “Get Shorty”, D’Angelo, Raphael Saddiq, & “Digital Underground” to name a few.

Calvin Peters

Sales, Artist Relations

I started playing music at four years old on trumpet learning to read & write music. I started guitar at 16 & at 18 I got my first professional gig with Sheila E (Escovedo).

Toured with:

Sheila E, The Latin Kings, Bobby Womack, Lalah Hathaway, Earth Wind & Fire’s Musical Director, Eddie Murphy, MC Hammer to name a few.

Recorded with:

En Vogue, Brandy, Sheila E, The Latin Kings, Something for the People, Special Generation, Con-funk-shun to name a few.
Music producer for Budweiser commercials.

Eric Chun

Advisory board member for DNA Guitar Company

Advisory Member: Eric Chun

Founder Commercial Music Degree Program American River College Sacramento CA
Owner Creative Music Serivces
BOD California Lawyers for the Arts
BOD N Focus Entertainment
Past BOG/Officer Recording Academy S Francisco
Past BOD West Coast Songwriters
Adivisory Member Commercial Music ARC
Member Namm, ASCAP, SAG AFTRA, Recording Academy
Composer/writer, Actor, Multi Musician/vocalist, Endorser Artist