Available Now! DNA “Ghost” Custom 22 Fret w/ Seymour Duncan Antiquity P90

When you are ready for a truly custom handcrafted instrument made in the USA DNA Guitar Company is the perfect choice!

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Made in the USA with American made materials DNA Guitar company is a custom shop that sells factory direct.

Every DNA we create is unique. DNAs are built in limited quantities, each having our exclusive recessed bridge and neck insert system, (scroll down and read the article “Is your bridge stealing your tone”), unique and consecutive serial numbers, hand signed under the neck joint by our master builders and the DNA signature straight 6 helix logo headstock.



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Note: *DNA Guitar Company no longer offers the 4×2 headstock option on our custom builds.

Is Your Bridge & Neck Joint Stealing Your Tone?


Typical Fender bridge. Notice the gaps?
Typical Fender bridge. Notice the gaps?
DNA Guitar solid brass recessed bridge. Clean lines and sustain for days!
DNA Guitar solid brass recessed bridge. Clean lines and sustain for days!

Illustration shows recessed bridge and metal inserts/ screws

As you can see the traditional method of using wood screws to attach the bridge to the body leaves gaps under and around the bridge and wood screws can loosen over time. The bridge actually loses surface contact with the body. This serves to diminish vibrational transfer / sustain and causes lackluster tone.

The DNA “5 point contact” bridge is a solid brass bridge that is inset into the body and attached via metal inserts and machine screws, causing 5 points of contact with the wood..not just one as with a traditional bridge. This maximizes strength, contact and string vibration transfer which equals maximum sustain. Our distinctive appearing recessed bridge is proprietary and increases body mass and surface contact with the body.

We also use metal inserts and machine screws in the neck joint as well further maximizing contact with the body serving to assist in maximizing sustain.

If you are searching for a versatile instrument of the utmost quality that will inspire you like no other please consider DNA Guitar Company.

*DNA Helix headstock design and DNA recessed bridge system, illustrations, trademarks and designs are the sole and exclusive intellectual property of DNA Guitar Company.

Johnny Hiland meets his new DNA guitar!

DNA Guitar Company has always been and continues to be inspired by master guitar player and all around great guy Johnny Hiland. It had long been a dream of ours to meet him and to build him something special and our dream came true. We were able to work closely with Johnny to build a DNA to his specs using our Helix model and his Johnny Hiland signature pickups and harness & we did it in a 24 fret! He picked the color called Hot Auburn…and he named her Aubry!

” I want to thank Tony and Dave for building Aubry for me! Even though I am a Music Man endorser, she is the first 24 fret tele styled baby I have ever owned! She is beautiful, and she’ll be played in the studio a lot!! DNA builds a smoking hot guitar! Y’all ROCK!” – Johnny Hiland