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DNA Accelerator Bass

Meet The Team

DNA Helix Guitar

The DNA Difference

  1. Playability – It is comfortable and plays easier than most basses.
  2. Body size – it is the most comfortable bass to play and the 7 lbs weight makes it easy to  manage in a 4 set gig.
  3. Sustain – The bass sustains longer than most other basses allowing the player to play smooth and not having to muscle the instrument.
  4. Versatility in tone – It can sound as big and fat as you need and you get a myriad of tones virtually enabling it to kill in any style of music and create any bass tone desired by the bass player, band leader, or producer.
  5. Great studio instrument –  NO noise, strong clean signal and it’s highly versatile.

Music Is Life

“Your Heart is just a Beat Box for the Song of your life”

Welcome to DNA Guitar Company Inc. We were founded on the concept of answering one basic question. What unlocks a players ability to transcend limits of artistic expression and tap into the zone? We believe the answer can be found in YOUR DNA!



Meet Kande our first DNA Accelerator 5 string bass

5 String Custom DNA Bass